Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Compton,
As you may or may not remember, this letter is from the past. You have a amazing future ahead of yourself. Im writing this so in 2023, when you read this on your 35th birthday, you can say “that fucker was right!” I hope you stay vigilant in your endeavors. Im interested to see what happens.

Let me refresh you on life right now. You’re 25, working your ass off to become a better individual. You have 2 huge opportunities staring you in the face as to which you are handling both with stride. The government is shut down; remember that? Gas is 4 bucks a gallon, although I’m sure you’re going “damn that’s cheap!” Your addicted to Ducatis and Supras. I really hope you kept that car. Dads health is deteriorating, I really hope you lost all that stubbornness and learned something from the man. Whatever situation you’re in now with Dad, just remember he loves you in his own way, he’s just got a fucked up way of showing it sometimes. Mom and grandma are still in AZ, and your sister is still in Vegas. Where you’ll end up, I’m not positive, but I’m sure it will be close to them; the thought of your children not seeing their great grandparents or grandparents gets harder and harder everytime you think about it. You’re on the 5th version of the iPhone, and it doesn’t look like its slowing down at all, so i assume you’ll be reading this from your iPhone 11 or 12, or whatever apple is calling them now . You eat more sushi than any normal person should, hey it’s good protein.

I really hope one of those 2 opportunities i spoke of earlier work in your favor. You have gained a strong sense of self in the past few years. Something i really didn’t think you would’ve discovered unless you lost the weight and the hate. You have slowly began to form into a wonderful person. You want to teach people, especially children and teens. Why? Because you want to positively effect people’s lives, and make them better. You still have trouble with trust. I’m assuming its something you’ll grow out of. I hope in 10 years you have a degree, and a lovely home. You deserve to be happy man, you deserve the lovely things life can provide you. You deserve a beautiful wife and even more beautiful children. Children to whom you can love, cherish and give them the life they deserve. Did you go riding with Brian last weekend? Well you need to this weekend. I hope you still love helping people, even with all the times it’s never worked in your favor. You can’t make everyone happy but you can make yourself happy. Stop texting people, phone calls are so much cooler. If you’re bored find something better. You don’t have to settle. You will find something better. You’re a survivor whose already accomplished so much successfully. Smile more, dance more, sing more, love more. Be thankful for the past and what it’s taught you, but don’t make it your passion.

The most important thing for you to remember is that no matter what you do I’ll stand by you because even if you are not who I imagine now, I’ll support you, because maybe who I’m imagining is someone else, and you are, well your not someone else, you’re me. And you inherited it from your mother, but stop worrying man! Things will work out the way they are supposed to, take each day as it comes live in the moment, don’t forget to laugh more, and to return the favor; you’re good at. Stay awesome you old fart.

Younger sexier Compton