Throughout my short stint of building cars I’ve tried to build something different, something that pleased me and my style. I’ve come to find out doing something different, is not easy but rewarding nonetheless. Building the car that I am now happy with has introduced me to the largest, group of awesome people around. Although the my car isn’t done and probably never will be I took this as my chance to thank the amazing group of people who have helped me along the way. So here we go

My dad for all the help fabricating, hard work, time, effort, and for putting up with my stubborn ass
My mom and sister for supporting me and nudging me to do it the way I want
Brian for his blunt way of supporting me in my supra ventures, and for being my best friend
Odom for all the great talks and good times, and helping me tinker
Emad for all his help with computer troubles and for always being available
Chris (VIP king) for all the long talks about rims and fitment and being different
Eric and Sam for the late night hours, and missed classes in order to get my car painted
AJ for all the time and effort on making custom emblems and center caps for my car
Driftmotion for being such a good company even offering to take a part off of their own car in order to get my turbo to me quicker
Specialized coatings for the beautiful work on my wheels

Everyone on this list is now my good friend, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you.

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