i love people. I have a huge heart. I trust too easily. I love my supra. I love diet snapple and diet coke. I have the worlds worst eyes. i love guns. I try to find the best in everyone. I don’t judge. I love learning. I love teaching. I love my country. I’m a big softy. i care too much about the small things in life. i get taken advantage of and know it, but still let it happen. i treasure all forms of music. I hate arrowhead water. Coffee doesn’t keep me awake at night. I have never broken a bone. i give homeless people money to buy beer. I love apple. i have big ears. I read books. I am afraid of being late. I am not religious. I love unconditionally. I have never been to a concert. I can speak german. I have been shot at. I have been in love with someone who couldn’t care less about me. I have only had 2 jobs. I love the beach, but never go. I love the smell of baby powder. I have never said sorry and not truly meant it. I have helped stop someone from committing suicide. I have never stolen. Anything. I will give you the shirt off my back, literally. I love ketchup. I don’t dance, I boogey. Im a sucker for a blonde. I have only lived in one house. I will never be perfect. I have never been so drunk I don’t remember what happen the night before. I cant rub my stomach and my head at the same time. I can not make the Vulcan salute. I have never hit a woman. I have spray painted one of my eyes black. I have witnessed a person pass away. I love Yoshi, with all my heart. i have been offered marriage for my last name. I still bite my nails. My feet fidget when I get nervous. I am very observant. I have bald spots. I hate hospitals. I know who I am. I have never been to jail. I don’t talk to my family enough. Ive been bullied for being fat and skinny. I don’t know what I’m afraid of. I have never been in the back of a police car. I have never had a hangover. I started smoking at 17. I have flipped a car. I have short legs, and short arms. I don’t care what you think. I have flaws. Take me or leave me, but once you leave, you cant get me back.

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