I stood alone on the verge of 22
I can not doubt, I was left unsure
I guarded my emotions when I should have let them breathe
I untied the knot in my chest and released
Tears of joy, years of pain, tears of fucking peace
There was a bird in my heart that never got to sing
My heart will see me through
I don’t need a crutch nor excuse
We’re all searching for something, we’re searching for love
Regardless of the form we want to bask in the sun
I made mountains out of my worries
And I’d plant pain instead of sturdy trees
I felt as lonely as a preachers wife
I was lower than dirt underneath my fingernails
I was a snake never shedding its scales
I used to hate the person I was
Tangled up in the widows web
The more I struggled the tighter the web would get
I was screaming for help outside of the school for the deaf
It’s okay to feel lost, it just means you’re alive
I told myself a thousand times.
It’s okay to feel lost, walk through the flames and see,
You’re only left with what you need.
Because the things that haunt you are the things you didn’t do
Not what you did
Follow your bliss printed across my arm
I know I got it tattooed for a reason.
Im just learning how to make it hold true
At least I’m feeling more alive
But I still have some old weight that I’ve got to shed
Before I find true happiness
I’ve got to lose it all if I want anything
I’ve got to lose it all if I want to be free
I’ve climbed out of the hole that I was digging
Threw out all the blue prints I drew up for the safe house
There is a passion that awoke in me
The fire to learn, the courage to see
An unexamined life isn’t worth living
Trust what’s in your heart and keep searching
We’re only here for the journey
I’ve got something to say
About the last 24 months I’ve lived
I’m not the same kid I was when I was younger
I’ve decided to start living
Cause my life was passing me by
Im not afraid
To stumble and weep
I will enjoy the journey
Even when its steep
The mountains teach me
to rise up and reach
Enjoy the journey
even when you are weak
Passion pushes the urge
Your love of life determines what you’re worth
I’ve spent so much of my time trying to see
That the past can’t be your passion
This life is part of a struggle
Searching for balance and truth in the rubble
The devil, the sinner, the saint
They’re all in our blood
But we must choose the path that we walk on
The answer that you seek
Always right at your feet
The cave I was afraid to enter holds the treasures I seek
Fuck what you know
Fuck what you believe
I am the architect of my destiny
There is no pain in my body
There’s only peace
When i look in the mirror
I am proud of what I see
When I look in the mirror
I am better than the person I thought I’d be
All that I am was meant to be

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